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Workshops and master classes

    1. Mobile learning - potential and pitfalls, including designing learning materials for mobile learning; creating a mobile learning strategy; and delivering mobile learning.

    2. Delivering open and distance learning, including designing and developing rich media learning resources; and supporting distance education learners.

    3. Blended and Online learning, including deploying educational technology effectively in developing settings; developing an online learning strategy; designing learning materials for online learning; and implementing online learning.

    4. The implication, potential and challenges of OER within communities of practice, including integrating Open Education Resources in learning materials for ODL/mobile/elearning; and building communities of practice regarding distance education/mobile learning/elearning.

    5. The learning organisation - retaining, sustaining and growing capacity, including managing change in educational settings and organisations; knowledge management - retaining tacit and explicit knowledge; professional development strategies for educators; supporting educators to create professional development/workshop materials; how to evaluate the success of educational projects, with an overview of learning analytics; and designing physical learning environments such a study centres and telecentres.

Educational innovation, quality assurance and change services

  • Determining change readiness.
  • Creating urgency for change.
  • Implementing frameworks for a positive change experience.
  • Creating an energising vision.
  • Negotiating possible employee role changes.
  • Establishing roles within organisational change.
  • Communicating for buy-in.
  • Managing expectations during change.
  • Influencing organisational culture.
  • Establishing new organisational structures.
  • Assuring educational quality.

eLearning and mLearning (mobile learning) services

  • Creating a strategic plan for the implementation of eLearning/mLearning. This normally include the vision, mission and values of such an initiative, strategic objectives, particular strategies to achieve these objectives, resources and organisational structures required.
  • Project Management: defining the milestones, dates and deliverables as well as monitoring and managing actual progress.
  • Defining the profile and the evaluation of the staff to be seconded/appointed to the eLearning/mLearning (mobile learning) Centre.
  • Evaluating open source and commercial options.
  • Evaluation, selection and implementation (if required) of a Web-based Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Training of trainers, academic staff and students in the on-line and mLearning (mobile learning) teaching-learning process.
  • Defining the criteria, then selecting and managing the pilot projects.
  • Creating on-line/mLearning (mobile learning) course materials and graphics.
  • Creating draft policies for the use of eLearning/mLearning (mobile learning) such as intellectual property, copyright and authenticity.
  • Creating draft procedures for processes like the development and maintenance of course materials.

Open and distance education services

  • Setting objectives for open and distance delivery.
  • Preparing engaging learning materials.
  • Scoping the logistics of the production and delivery mechanisms.

Educational technology and knowledge management services

  • Determining the educational rationale for the use of technologies including IT in education.
  • Understanding the educational affordances of technologies.
  • Creating integration strategies.
  • Building communities of practice.
  • Ensuring the retention and sharing of knowledge.
  • Evaluation methods to determine effective usage of technologies.
  • Strategic and tactical management of IT systems for ICT-enabled learning and teaching.

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